Hey there! Yeah, we are just two big kids at heart...

We both grew up just outside of Portland, Oregon in the town of St. Helens. We were best friends in high school and started dating right before graduation.

In 2011, after high school, Weston went to work for Evraz (Oregon Steel). There, he worked for Railroad Services as a locomotive operator and switchman. He was there for two and a half years before switching career paths and working in metal fabrication for West-Meyer Fence. In his three and a half years there, Weston fabricated gates, fences, guardrails, and did custom ornamental iron orders. 

During most of the time Weston was working, I was getting my Bachelor Degree in Marketing and International Business from Oregon State University (Go Beavs!). After college, I went to work for a company called Foodguys where I was a buyer and seller of manufacturing ingredients. After eight months, I decided the job wasn't quite for me and became an Assistant Store Manager at Eddie Bauer.

Leaving my job at Foodguys sparked something in both of us that made us realize we wanted some adventure. We had already talked about leaving our jobs and traveling full-time, but weren't ready financially, which is why I decided to take a job at Eddie Bauer for eight months, getting a glimpse into the travel and outdoor industry. 

After college, Weston and I had also moved into my parent's garage to save money (but I must note that we were still paying rent, so we weren't complete moochers!). Thank goodness for the support we received from both of our parents in countless ways. If it weren't for them, it would have been much harder to achieve our dream of traveling full-time. 

After working full-time jobs and doing countless side-jobs on weekends, we were finally ready to up and leave in January 2017. We packed our (rather small) bags and left for Iceland after securing a place to stay with a host family only days before. Since then, we have been fortunate to have so many amazing host families and unforgettable experiences where we can truly dive into a culture for several months at a time. We've been Icelandic horse and sheep farmers, Sami reindeer herders, and caretakers on an island in Ireland.

We've learned that living with host families is the best way to travel. You spend hardly any money when you are with them because they provide you with a room and food in exchange for work (which is usually a ton of fun!). So, you're only paying for travel expenses in between families, allowing you to maximize how long you can travel. Oh, and did I mention you make lifelong friends? 

When we left, we created this site for fun and to share videos of our travels with our friends and family. Weston and I are pumped that we get this opportunity to share a little piece of our life with you through this site and our videos. If you'd like to support us, subscribe below. We usually send out one email every 1-3 weeks with a link to our new videos.

Thanks for traveling with us!

Abby & Weston